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All Sports. Professional and Local

You will find pretty much all the Southern California sports news, and my own personal sport activities.

Pro. teams that definitely will be covered are:





Team USA

Lakers did not make the Playoffs

I bleed purple and yellow. It will take time... but it's times like these that make me wonder how damn good it will feel when we are back on top one day; and we WILL be back on top one day. It will take time, maybe years... but we're the Los Angeles Lakers. We're the most winningest franchise in all of sports. We are the glitz and glamour of the NBA. Something big will go down, we'll get Kobe some help he deserves, and we'll start winning.

The Squad

From left to right. Jose, Eze, Jessie, Eddie, Nathan, Fonzo.

It was ours and we got robbed. The whole crowd was booing us. They hated us. So we just huddled and re-grouped. Cause we knew we only had each other. We were in the semi finals and had not lost a single game. We were known to lock teams down, that's the reason why the crowd disliked us, cause it wasn't pretty to see other teams struggle on offense.

It was a double elimination tournament, and we were only allowed to lose once. We shall get our revenge next year!!!

Randy Moss is a Raider


For Napoleon Harris (who didn't do much of anything last year on a horrendous defense) and a couple late round picks.

Moss is the PERFECT Raider. The whole history of taking in disappointments/disgruntleds/unwanteds and turning their careers around, and the deep ball. Plus, an angry Moss could be re-invigorated. How scary is that? He said when drafted the main thing he wanted to do was rip up the NFL because he was spurned...here we go again?

This stuff is crazy, what a steal.

I talked a lot of crap about Collins last year but toward the end he started to turn it around more (like the 5 touchdown game against Tennessee). He ain't nicknamed "Wall Street" for nothing, hopefully this next year he'll be on the up again.

Also have Jerry Porter coming back, not to mention Ronald Curry is he can rehab successfully, and Doug Gabriel, among others. Got two of last year's best O-line prospects in Gallery and Grove, you have Walker, get some other young guys along that line and sign LaMont Jordan, maybe draft a runningback and that offense is friken lethal.

The defense is another story. Just spend the whole draft on that side.

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Next Tournament is July 16

We will represent, and continue the tradition. Signed some new cats, new faces, but we still bleed red and black.

Facial. Dunk on the Year. (Espn)

The dunk on D.Howard was the dunk of the year. No contest.

That was just NASTY.

Then the one against the Jazz.

Honorable mention:

-Kobe with the reverse windmill baseline @SAC over and around Christie
-Kobe with the one-hand alley-oop throwdown over Rick Brunson (LAC)

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Kobe Rocks